Shanghai Earthmother Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd Founded

"Earthmother" brand has been established. Earthmother has become one of the domestic enterprises specializing in XPS manufacturing and R&D, and has promoted the upgrading of EPS thermal insulation materials to XPS materials.


Earthmother XPS used for big projects and began to export overseas countries

Earthmother XPS insulation products exported to Singapore, Japan, Korea and other countries and domestic construction projects such as Suntech solar energy Shanghai R&D center, Pudong Yuanshen sports center and other buildings.


Entering exterior wall insulation and other fields

Earthmother entered the energy saving field of comprehensive building,, and submitted technical standards of XPS Boards. The year project: Weihai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shandong.


Participated in the construction of the China Pavilion of World Expo in 2010

Earthmother become more and more famous in the development and manufacturing of XPS insulation materials. Fortunately, we participated in the construction of China Pavilion of World Expo in 2010.


Earthmother submitted “underfloor heating green energy saving system”.

We began to enter into underfloor heating market as the market of high quality UFH materials was blank at that time, and gained consumer’s recognition and attention of the industry.


The vice president of the Shanghai Building Materials Association

After a year of entering UFH market, the annual sales reached 2 million square meters. In the same year, Shanghai Earthmother was formally selected as the vice president of the Shanghai Building Material Industry Association.


Cooperation with Pacific Insurance to provide warranty service for our users

We reached a partnership with Pacific Insurance. We provide official quality assurance as well as compensation for product quality problems for users who buy our products.


“ Crystal Series” Underfloor Heating Products

Four years of hard work,Earthmother keep innovating and developing on the basis of "green energy saving system of UFH". Finally, in 2016, we launched the Crystal Series including white crystal XPS, fiberglass mesh and crystal foil film.


Earthmother Brand Upgraded and system nob boards promoted

In 2017, Earthmother successfully attended the ISH Frankfurt exhibition in Germany.We launched "system nob boards "with our characteristics. And we also releases the enterprise new LOGO and concepts.