Earthmother Attend the Fourth Heating Wealth Forum to Explore Evolution of the Floor Heating Installation Technology

On July 28, 2017 -30, the fourth China heating fortune forum held in Zhejiang Jiaxing. AO.Smith, Reed, Xi Derui, Mann Rettig Earthmother and Okonoff took part this forum. Those HVAC companies met together in Jiaxing to witness the changes and development of HVAC industry. 

《The evolution of the technology of floor heating installation》is brought by Earthmother to this forum and start the "thinking" and "changing" in the field of the floor heating installation.

Looking at the development trend of the HVAC industry in 2017, new products and new technology  emerge a lot. From the perspective of modern floor heating technology, China's under floor heating technology originated from Europe, but the domestic heating industry has undergone 10 years of accumulation. So what are the gaps and differences between China and Europe in terms of floor heating installation technology? 

The difference between China's floor heating industry and the European countries is less than 2 years in the field of hanging furnace and floor heating pipe installation technology, and even in the technology of floor heating installation, we maybe better than European countries. But we are at least 30 years behind European countries in the innovation and transformation of thermal insulation materials. 

The traditional floor heating in China needs at least 7 materials and more than ten steps. The process is more complex, which not only takes time and work labor, but also requires high professional quality of installation personnel. European countries began to use the floor heating module panel 30 years ago. On the one hand, the cost of employment in Europe is relatively high. The integration, simplification and efficiency of floor heating installation materials are the inevitable trend of UFH. 

Earthmother as UFH materials enterprises, we have done a lot of small change, for example, increasing the support handle of clips and improving the hook design to make it more suitable with installer's habits. These subtle improvements can't even be regarded as innovation. Many people think that this is not the "Big deal", but the Earthmother believe it is the love of this industry.

The module panel installation is a new trend of UFH installation, it may end the life of traditional floor heating insulation materials, but if there is a good product to users, to help the industry and the society development, Earthmother will hold a "open" and "positive" mind to cater to this trend.

Earthmother are going to launch Smart Series.